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We have tools, tips and services
to keep greening the U.P.

U.P. Green, a sustainable recycling program nurturing and growing a green U.P. business CommUnity.

U.P. Green offers two programs:
U.P. Green Recycling and the U.P. Green Business Zone.

U.P. Green Recycling offers tips, tools and services to recycle and re-purpose in the Upper Peninsula.

U.P. Green Business Zone
is designed to help U.P. businesses receive focused expertise on running
Green, Clean & Lean
operations and to build procurement opportunities for sustainable and eco-responsible U.P. businesses.

In July 2013, the GBZ became a new, official member of the new U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Residential Network, which connects energy efficiency programs and partners to share best practices and learn from each other to dramatically increase the number of American homes that are energy efficient.

In September 2013, U.P. Green became an official partner with the EPA program, ENERGY STAR. As a partner, U.P. Green uses tools from ENERGY STAR to facilitate commercial efficiency programs in the Upper Peninsula.

Through new forms of business-to-business collaboration, the U.P. Green Business Zone delivers programs and resources that help businesses reduce energy and resource costs, uncover new business opportunities and address everyday operational challenges in a green and cost-effective manner.

How can your company contribute to our mission? The FIRST STEP- - - You can become a sponsor!
Support our weekly recycling drives throughout the Upper Peninsula; support the development of a permanent U.P. Re-Purposing Center; and as a sponsor showcase your business at our 2014 U.P. Green Expo as one of the premiere supporters of U.P. Greening.

Thank you for your support and consideration of becoming a sponsor! Call at any time for more info: (888) 322-1030
for 24/7 Customer Service


I will find out what materials are collected for recycling in my community.

I will reduce my personal waste by recycling. In the next month, I will recycle more...

Here are a few tips on ways we can recycle more in the U.P.:

Half is better than none.
You may not be able to recycle your whole pizza box, but in most communities you can tear off the top (as long as it’s grease-free) and put it in your recycling bin.

You bet your bottle tops you can recycle them.
The caps on your plastic bottles are recyclable, too. Empty your bottle, replace the cap, recycle.

Plastic bag and film recycling:
more than grocery bags
Along with plastic grocery bags, recycle the bags from your dry-cleaning, bread, and newspaper. Remember to take clean, dry bags to recycling centers or retailers with plastic bag recycling bins.

A trick up your sleeve.
Paper cups aren’t always recyclable because of the wax lining, but don’t forget to recycle the cardboard

Close the Loop
The recycling process doesn’t stop at the bin! After materials are processed and back on the shelf as new items, it is up to you to buy recycled products. Look for products and packaging with recycled content (and efficient packaging) to do your part as a recycling-conscious consumer.

Recycle on the go.
Keep two bags in your car- one for your trash, and one for recyclables.  Pre-sorting makes it easier to transfer your recyclables into a recycling bin once you’ve reached your destination.